I struggle with time optimism1 (I think it will take me way less time to do something than it actually does). This makes it easy to become demoralized because I consistently don’t meet my own (unreasonable) expectations for my productivity.

To help keep me accountable, I’m using Beeminder to track the time I spend on rockets (work on the website counts too). I set a goal of doing at least 4 hours a week. This encourages me to carve out small chucks of time from my day to spend time doing the things I love instead of assuming I’ll get to it eventually once my battle with entropy–otherwise known as being an adult homeowner–is won.

I’ll reassess in a few weeks but it’s been working well for me so far.

UPDATE 2020-08-18 I have stopped using Beeminder for tracking my recreation time. I ended up stressing out about it thus diminishing its utility. For the foreseeable future, I will be juggling lots of things around the house that are more important than fulfilling a quota of hours for recreation.

I know there’s a lot of unrest in the world right now. I am privileged to be able to set aside time for self-care. Even in the face of widespread fear and grave injustice it is still important to take care of yourself–just don’t stick your head in the sand.

  1. This means I routinely fall victim to the planning fallacy