From the mid 90s to the late 00s Darrell Dwayne Mobley ran several hobby rocketry web sites and services including Rocketry Online, Rocketry Planet, and INFOcentral.1 Rocketry Online included a forum, email service, and an online rocketry “magaizine” in all its was a Web 1.0 glory. It shut down in 2009. Darrell passed away on August 8th, 2011.

Rocketry Online, Rocketry Planet, and INFOcentral have all been saved, to varying degrees, in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

I revived INFOcentral at The mission of INFOcentral was to help make hobby rocketry accessible to a wide audience. That mission will continue in this new decade.

The site itself is part nostalgia and part technology demo. Everything is publically available on GitHub. In the process of coverting pages in the Internet Archive to a modern, live website I:

I am proud of how the site turned out. However, there are three problems with the legacy INFOcentral content:

  1. Copyright. I took a stab at addressing it here but I’m no copyright lawyer. If I were starting a new site it would be wise to start over from scratch unless the origional individual contributors agreed the republication.
  2. The site is a loose collection of articles, not a wiki-style knowledge base. The information architecture needs work.
  3. There is a lot of content that didn’t age very well e.g. rules and regulations, anything about specific electronics, etc.

Please take a look around. There’s a lot to explore!

  1. If you look at the page sources of some of the archived pages you can see a reference to Darrel in the link to “infocentral.css”