Standard Rail Guides

Product Supplier Attachment Material Cost/pair Notes
Airfoil Rail Guide SC Precision Flat head screw Machined Delrin $7.00 Teardrop shaped to reduce drag
Low-drag Rail Guide Aero Pack Flat head screw Machined Delrin $2.50 Includes weld nuts
New Style 1010 Flat head screw Molded Delrin $1.00 10/pack, introductory price
One-piece 1010 Pan head screw Molded Delrin $1.70/$1.45/$1.35 2/10/30 packs
3-piece 1010 Pan head screw Delrin 76¢ 10/pack
3-piece 1010 Pan head screw Nylon 50¢/48¢/46¢ 10/30/50 packs
Linear Rail Lug PML Surface/Flat head screw Cast urethane $5.95 Can be screwed and/or epoxied on ≥ 38mm airframes
Conformal Rail Guides Wildman Rocketry Surface/Flat head screw 3D printed plastic $2.50 Can be screwed and/or epoxied; diameter not specified
ACME Conformal® Rail Guide Giant Leap Rocketry Surface Extruded aluminum $3.99 38mm to 7.5” diameter-specific; includes 3M adhesive strip
Conformal Rail Guide Rosenfield Aerospace Surface 3D printed plastic $2.99 29mm to 5.54” LOC airframes; diameter specific
Universal Rail Guide Apogee Components Surface Cast urethane $3.28 Any airframe size
Fly-Away Rail Guide Apogee Components N/A Plywood $5.48-$13.60 Leaves rocket on rail exit; 13mm to 54mm sizes
Fly Away Rail Guide Additive Aerospace N/A Plastic, aluminum $30.00-$100.00 Leaves rocket on rail exit; 38mm to 98mm sizes

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